“Before I met Chris Moss, I knew acutely the ordeal of being unequally yoked but had never heard the concept of being ‘spiritually single.’ As Chris opened my eyes to our very specific situation, she encouraged me as a friend, mentor and teacher.  I cannot forget the words she once spoke about us living “one foot in the holy and one foot in the profane,” that our husbands as non-believers bring the world home with them. Since then I have asked the Lord to help me pull that one foot out of the profane and walk fully in the holy so I can influence my husband for good and not evil.  Chris’ reminder of the scripture that our husbands are “sanctified” by our belief as she identifies and offers remedies for our emotional and spiritual struggles sound a gong for abiding in the Lord so our marriages not only survive, but also thrive.”

L. Robbins, Los Angeles, CA, Former Actress, Current Mommy-at-Arms


“My life was changed from this experience.  I felt so validated and am filled with hope! …I know the friendships and support [I have experienced]would not have come without this class.”

Kristen G., Agoura Hills, CA, Spiritually Single Wife & Mom


God has worked through Chris in each of our lives on so many different levels and I know I can say my family has been blessed because of it.  I am not sure what God’s plan will bring with my husband and his faith, but I do feel God is urging me to love and trust Him.  It has been so wonderful for God to show me that I do not need to feel so alone in this spiritually single marriage.  When I get sad or lonely, I begin to think of our group, your words, the study, God’s words and I begin feeling stronger and I can feel God’s presence and love welling up inside!

Judy K., Thousand Oaks, CA, Spiritually Single Wife & Mom