God, I love this man!

I do! I really do! I just bought a t-shirt that says “my husband rocks!”  I bought it in hot pink.  Why?  Because I want you to notice it!  My husband Ed is the joy and delight of my life, my partner, my soul-mate and my biggest champion.  He loves me.  I see God in his eyes of love.  I know better about God’s unconditional love because of him.  My prayer every day is “God, let me love him the way you love him.” Because my husband deserves heaven on earth, just for putting up with me-let alone loving me!  You see, this wonderful man is Jewish and the tenets of his faith do not include heaven or hell, only waiting till Messiah comes.  I am a Christian and I believe that our Messiah has already come.  I pray for the day that my husband recognizes the same Messiah, but until that day, I will do my best to love him the way God does, I will enjoy our love and I will grow closer to God.

Perhaps you too are married to a man who does not share your faith.  Perhaps you too can say, “God, I love this man!”  Perhaps you too feel the tension of loving your husband  and loving God when little overlaps between them.  If you are married in every way to your husband, except your faith, you may be spiritually single.  Join us on this blog to share honestly how to make these marriages work.  Don’t give up till you can wear a t-shirt that says “my husband rocks!”

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