5-Day Countdown to Valentine’s Day: Day 3

It’s Wednesday and you are almost half-way through this week! Today’s topic, as we prepare for Valentine’s Day is often overlooked when it comes to love, but I think it is the one thing that makes love work, even in the roughest patches.  Today, we are going to talk about:


Aretha Franklin sang it, but the lyrics were written by a man: Otis Redding. Your husband needs to know that when everyone in the world challenges him or turns on him, when the going gets tough, when the chips are down, you have his back. You, his best friend, soul mate, life partner and wife, choose to support him. If you remove this key element from your relationship, the rest won’t be important enough to sustain you. As Valentine’s Day comes up, we as women relate it to love and we want to be told or shown how much we are loved. Newsflash: Men don’t think the same way as we do!  The way we need to be loved is the same way they need to be respected.  I don’t get it because I am a woman, but I am telling you it works!

So in preparation for Valentine’s Day, try this today:

  • Tell your husband how much you respect him.

Here’s some questions to get your mind thinking about what to say: What is it he does or provides or sacrifices for you and/or your kids?  How has he struggled without recognition? Who does he care for more than himself?  Does he go to work every day selflessly to take care of your family?  Is he an expert at what he does? Has he helped you through a struggle of your own? Has he brought order and clarity to a rough situation recently? In some stages of marriage, you have to dig deep to find a reason to respect, but it’s always there.  Find it!

Watch his posture change! He will puff up like a rooster and strut!  I am not kidding! Respect is a lost art in our culture. We don’t make a conscious effort to respect–if it happens, great!–but we usually don’t go out of our way to demonstrate respect. Talking about it is even more rare.
Make the extra effort to talk about it and do it for your man. He is married to a woman of God, he deserves it! Respect is a revolutionary act!

Heavenly Father:  Let us be revolutionaries!  Teach us to respect our husbands and talk about it! Let us meet their primal need for this kind of recognition. Our men will never find that in the world, let them find it safely at home with us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Serious about being a respect revolutionary? Go to the Spiritually Single Wives Facebook page and post a comment today about why you respect your husband.

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