Five Day Countdown to Valentine’s Day: Day 1 And a FREE gift!

Happy Friday!  It’s the best day of the week!  And it is Valentine’s Day Eve, which makes it even better! I know you have been wondering when this subject would come up, but I saved the best for last.  To prepare for Valentine’s Day, our topic for today is physical affection.  Or:


So how much about this topic needs explanation? Your husband (any husband) needs your love for him to culminate in physical affection — and that’s spelled S-E-X. Especially in a new spiritually single situation, it is important to let your husband know that you have not become a prude. Christian women have a reputation for Puritanism. Dana Carver’s Church Lady is NOT the norm.  That character is never what God intended us to be. Get your sexy lingerie on, your oils out, and make plans to truly enjoy your husband.

Wives, as Christians, we experience a spiritual dimension that the Holy Spirit opens up to us when we believe.  Our husbands, who don’t believe, have starving little spirits inside them.  I believe that the closest thing our men have to a spiritual dimension is felt during sex. If your husband wears you out, it may be that his little spirit wants more (I just read that over.  Hmmm.  Please don’t go naming body parts Little Spirit! Sorry, moving on…)  It is important for your husband to experience the love of God through physical contact that is just as good as (or better!) than before you were a believer. If there is a division between you and your husband that compromises mutual sexual pleasure, do all you can to restore it and find healing.

In preparation for Valentine’s Day….Enough with the talking:

  • Get your lingerie ready to slip into

  • Get your oils  or whatever you love out.
  • Get some private time on the calendar.

Heavenly Father:  Let us be lovers of our husbands in mind, body and spirit.  Make this Valentine’s Day different and meaningful in so many ways!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Here is a free Valentine’s Day gift for you!

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