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It’s 9:00 Sunday morning.

Do you know where your husband is?

Chris Moss

If the answer to that question is difficult for you, then you might be spiritually single and you may find elements of your life written in the pages of this book. Loneliness, frustration, and dashed expectations of change don’t have to be the norm in your home. This book will explain how:

  • To get your spiritual needs met and stop feeling guilty
  • To meet God’s expectations as a spiritually-single wife (it’s way easier than you ever thought!)
  • To meet your husband’s needs without overlooking yours
  • To “keep it real” with God, your husband AND your church
  • To raise healthy kids who love Dad and God

But the tougher questions are these: Is your husband going to join you in God’s eternal plan? Are you going to put off God while you wait for your hubby? Can you balance your love for Jesus Christ — and the need to serve that naturally wells up — with the love you have for your husband?

Ideal for small group study and filled with personal examples, biblical principles, and thought-provoking questions, as well as a free study guide, Spiritually-Single Wives is a straight forward, fun way to look at your life and marriage. It offers advice and guidance to undergo the transformation God has in mind for you: to be the Christian woman, wife, and mother He designed.

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